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Rob Smedley joined Williams Martini Racing in 2014 after establishing himself as a leading engineer as Felipe Massa's Race Engineer. Rob speaks on how he became a Race Performance Engineer in this intimate look back at his career.

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Randstad Williams Engineering Academy: investing in the future

Randstad brings its global presence and extensive experience of global education programs and vocational skills training to help Williams in the ongoing assessment of the students and provides practical careers advice and work experience opportunities in their respective home countries.

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sponsoring the Williams Martini Racing Team

Randstad has been the official partner of the Williams Martini Racing Team since 2006.  The expertise, spirit of excellence and trust on which we base our relationships, are illustrated within the Williams Martini Racing team every day.

In both the racing world and the HR business, one has to be proactive as well as have quick reflexes to perform well. Like Randstad, the Williams Martini Racing team is an innovative team with a solid track record and a remarkable workforce. 

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