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Project Manager - Web Solutions I am looking for a funny, happy and cool Project Manager with style! If your idea of cool is to wear sunglasses indoors then this is not the job for you. Infact I have no job for you... sorry.. Other than looking good whilst doing it, you will be responsible for the consultancy of client's need, lead projects and give out high fives to highly performing web developers when they do a good job.  The focus of this job will be web based solutions and development. Our client is growing extremely fast due to the good work performed for their customers (and the classy way in which they do it). They put an emphasis on customer service, a fun atmosphere and delivering the best results. This is a differentiator in a job that they are incredibly proud of. Your role As a consultant, your job will entail providing consultancy and management of projects. You'll be able to understand and demonstrate the needs of the client and provide solutions in line with those needs. Listening is key, and very attractive to clients. You'll work with software developers in order to develop these solutions. You will be responsible for assessing the technical requirements. You'll also become an asset to that client by working hard to fully understand their processes, goals and culture whilst planning and implementing successful projects. Our client will help you do this by providing their team of hardworking and fun developers, (may or may not also provide pizza, you'll need to ask nicely), as well as events to keep the atmosphere a pleasant place to do business. They also have a starbucks for the late ones.  Your projects will include the following areas:
  • Corporate Websites/Intranet sites
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Web Analytics
  • Dancing outrageously at the Christmas party. 
  • Aforementioned lack of sunglasses indoors
  • University degree in computer science or related subject
  • Established project management experience, in particular with relation to complex development projects
  • Be able to convey messages clearly, particularly when explaining technical aspects to non-technical people (we aren't all that clever)
  • Excellent presentation and communications skills
  • Fluent in both English and German (It's not required to speak Swedish but lets be honest, it sounds cool)
You will also have experience in a combination of the following:
  • Java
  • Angular JS
  • Various web technologies - HTML, CSS
  • Certification in Project Management 
  • If you also have experience with CMS then that would be very cool.
If you think you fit the criteria then I greatly look forward to your application!

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