Randstad Award Switzerland 2016

Top 10 employers in Switzerland

  1. Google
  2. Patek Philippe
  3. Swatch
  4. Lindt & Sprüngli
  5. Zurich Airport (Flughafen) 
  6. Rolex
  7. Victorinox
  8. Swiss
  9. Swissport International
  10. Raiffeisen

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Highlights from the Randstad Award 2016

See the best moments from the Randstad Award Ceremony 2016, the ideal networking event for Swiss companies from all sectors. 

The Winner ... is Google Switzerland

Google wins the Randstad Award as the top employer in Switzerland, 2016

Randstad Award at StageOne

Some 200 guests attended the Randstad Award ceremony 2016 at StageOne, Zurich.

Randstad Award apéro

An ideal networking event for Swiss companies from all sectors.

Keynote Speech

Christoph Jordi talks about employer branding and its future development.

"What we've found through the survey and our own experience is that the foundations for an effective employer brand go beyond marketing and can only be built up over the long-term"- Herman Nijns, MD Randstad Group Belgium & Luxembourg and instigator Randstad Award survey
Global Randstad Award

Global Randstad Award

In addition to 25 local Randstad Awards, every other year a global Randstad Award is presented to the company with the highest relative attractiveness.

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Winning employers worldwide

Each spring, twenty-five countries announce their own local Randstad Award winners at gala evenings.


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