the survey step by step.

Currrently, 26 countries are take part at the survey.

the survey

Currrently, 26 countries are take part in the main regions where Randstad is active: Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. The 150 largest companies are selected in each of those countries. The selection criterion is a workforce of more than 1,000 employees.

This list is presented to a representative cross section of relevant respondents: 7,000 employees and job-seekers between the ages of 18-65. Thereis a slight emphasis on people under 40 because the survey’s main target audience is potential employees. (In very small countries, the number of selected companies is 75 and the number of respondents 4,000.) Unlike similar surveys, HR officers, staff members or experts are not invited to take part in the survey, which guarantees maximum objectivity. The respondents are asked to identify the companies they recognize and then to indicate whether or not they would like to work for them. Next, they evaluate the relative attractiveness of each of the selected companies based on 10 key factors.