we need more women. now.

Richard Jager, CEO of Randstad Switzerland, values the integration of women in the world of work. Here you can read his Statement about women, the war of talents and skills shortage.

"We all know that Switzerland is suffering from a skills shortage that is only going to get worse over the next few years. This shortage is, in part, one of our own making, as we do not make sufficient use of the potential that exists in our country, particularly that of women.

The subject of women in the workplace is one that is particularly close to my heart. And I am committed to integrating women into the economy and encouraging employers to rethink, as today women have a level of education equal to that of men. They have even overtaken men in the numbers graduating from university and higher education.

Women want and can have a career. However, there are two areas in which we, and by that I mean Swiss society, companies, employees and politics, must improve to enable more women into the workplace, even if they have a family.

I see improvement necessary, particularly in working conditions that have to be made more flexible. This includes models involving part-time working and job sharing. And, of course, the possibility of working from home, which is easily possible today in many areas thanks to today's technology. We also have to organise the childcare system so that it is more flexible and more affordable, as this is the only way to more easily combine family with a career.

It is therefore political nonsense not to integrate women adequately in the workplace. And we will only be able to combat the skills shortage together if we act now."

Randstad is a proud member of the association “Advance - Women in Swiss Business”, which aims to increase the number of women in leading position in Swiss businesses. Christiane Di Filippo, HR Director of Randstad Switzerland, is a part of that network and serves as a testimonial. For more information about Advance please click on this link: www.advance-women.ch



Also internally Randstad wants to provide women with the possibility, to gain a foothold in HR. Please check out our internal positions and apply today! 


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Richard Jager - CEO Randstad Switzerland

Richard Jager's “Mr. Randstad” par excellence. With his open, sincere and determined manner, Richard Jager perfectly embodies the Randstad philosophy. He has spent the majority of his career at Randstad, performing various roles for the world's second-largest HR services company.

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