client interview heinz wyss.

Heinz Wyss

HR Manager, Heinz Hänggi Stanztechnik in Bettlach


How important is flexibility in your company?

Flexibility is the be-all and end-all in our company. We must be able to react to the changing needs of our clients at any time and at short notice. If we are able to do so, then we can maintain the close and trusting relationships we have with our clients and strengthen them further.

What do you value about working together with Randstad?

Working together with my Randstad partner is very straightforward and I feel that every possible thing is being done in order to cater for the needs of our company.

Which companies would you recommend take on temporary staff using a recruitment agency?

Companies that have to deal with large fluctuations in the volume of orders they receive find that temporary staff constitute the ideal resource with which they can react quickly.

What do you think are the advantages of temporary work?

As I said before, we regard flexibility and the opportunity to be able to react at short notice as a great advantage. At the same time, however, a temporary member of staff also has the opportunity to "give a good account of themselves" and to make a case for their being employed longer term (or even permanently).

What does quality mean for you?

Quality means meeting the needs of clients, both with regard to timing and the quantity and type of the relevant product or service. In business, temporary staff are also expected to perform at this level. But it is always important to ensure that temporary staff are treated respectfully at all times.

looking for good employees?

We find you the right employees to provide temporary support in addition to doing the administrative work and coordinating temporary assignments.

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