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Hybrid Developer/Business Analyst Randstad Professionals are one of the leading recruitment companies in Switzerland and with a dedicated IT contracting team in Zurich. We are excited to help you in your search. We focus on finding the best contracts for the best contractors. Currently we are looking for a Developer/Business Analyst, to join our client’s team in Zurich   Our client is building a new team, which will initially have the goal to develop two things:
  1. A web service that integrates a 3rd party with our client. Through this integration layer, the 3rd party will be able to request a number of services on a global level, such as getting anonymized position data from our client as well as pushing back orders to our client. The current approach is to use JBoss Fuse for this purpose.
  2. A control room that oversees the data flowing through the aforementioned web service integration layer. This control room will enable our client to properly control and optimize the flow from a technical perspective as well as derive valuable business insights, detect anomalies etc. based on the data flowing through the integration layer.
  To solve these very versatile challenges, we are looking for exceptional characters who:
  • Have a deep technical knowledge of enterprise integration patterns, architectures, technologies and are able to implement them
  • Have strong experience with data analytics and potential use cases – both from a technical and also from a business perspective
  • Is a strong business analyst, ideally with experience and knowledge of front-to-back processing of financial instruments and their life cycle
  • Have the mindset and ideally experience to build a product in a very quick manner (rapid prototyping)
  • Is a strong communicators – in English
  From a technical perspective, we are ideally looking for individuals that can tick most of the below boxes:
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Hierarchical Temporal Memory / Numenta
  • Strong data analytics experience and knowledge
  • Strong enterprise integration experience and knowledge (ideally understanding SWIFT, FIX, SOAP, REST, JBoss Fuse / Apache Camel, CXF, MQ …)
  • Technical languages: Java, Scala, R, Python
  Whether this role is the right fit or you would like to see if there are others that do, our dedicated and expert team is looking forward to hearing from you.   Good to know you!    
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