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Glattbrugg, Zürich
Matthew Smith, Zürich Professionals IT
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Our client started off in a small room in the East some 20+ years ago. Times have changed however, and from humble beginnings they have become quite the player in the IT consulting industry with offices all over the world, from Singapore to Stockholm to the new world. Internal relocations are not only possible, they are assisted with, if that's what you want. Summer in Stockholm and Winter in Mexico? Well, if you insist.  Your job will be to develop software in Java, both greenfield and legacy, in such a way that will allow external clients to fulfill their goals and impress them so as to be a good ambassador and representative of your skills. You aren't just developing, your work will contribute to the success of the company via word of mouth recommendations and, ultimately, your growth within the company. 

We aren't looking for someone who wants to develop Java until they retire. We are looking for someone that wants to be a progressive, success within their careers, if you want to run the company someday, that's fine, that's more than fine, that's great! However, initially, you'll be a... Java Software Engineer
  Your role
  • Continue the Java development of the products/solutions whilst following best practice and the requirements of the key users
  • Support evalutions to ensure the next steps and growth of the products
  • Re-program and change the product in line with any changes or updates in Governance
  • Fine tune solutions
  • Have an eye for improvements, impress people with your breadth of knowledge and conceptual thinking. 
  • University degree in computer science or equivalent
  • At least 3 years practical experience in Java Software Development
  • Competence in JavaScript
  • Have 3+ years experience in Web Development (HTML, CSS) and Web Services (REST, SOAP)
  • At least 3 years experience in Database technologies such as SQL, Hibernate, JPA
  • Fluency in English
So that's what is expected of you, but what about what you can expect. Well, this is what is on offer for you:
  • Be part of a company which describes itself as excellence being part of it's genetics
  • Fantastic career growth opportunities. The king is dead, long live meritocracy
  • Exposure to some of the biggest and most well known companies in the world, their working systems
  • Work on projects that will touch millions, if not billions
  • Relocate to a number of offices, should the wish or need arise (I would choose Stockholm, but that's just me)
  • I do this for free, but you also happen to get an attractive salary
If this interests you then go ahead and apply!

Good to know you!
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