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Matthew Smith, Zürich Professionals IT
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Zurich, Zürich
Matthew Smith, Zürich Professionals IT
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Exclusive Mandate: 

Testers! It is today that I have the pleasure of introducing this new opportunity with my client in the beautiful Küsnacht (so good that Tina Turner calls it home). 

I am looking for a Test Engineer for them and their partner company. It is an extremely unique role.. I will explain.

You'll be employed by my client. However your work will be split between them and their partner company. These two companies together have a huge impact on the Health Industry in Switzerland with their products, so if you are interested in working within an industry that helps people, and produces products for good, then you won't get better exposure than this.

So... the role: 

  • Support of the project managers with testing - this includes "soft touch" business analysis to understand exactly what the products need to do first
  • Then design the test criteria and document this. You know how this works, its a case of simple steps to make sure all the relevant parts are tested for purpose
  • Create concepts of training for end users
  • User trainings during various steps of testing (Incremental, system, and acceptance testing
  • Suggest and push the best test strategies
  • Implementation of testing procedures (organisation wide)
  • Ultimately, you'll be asked to recruit and build a testing team


  • Good experience with software test engineering
  • Understanding of how to build automated testing
  • Deep knowledge of testing tools, such as Gherkins, Robot Framework, Selenium and Postman
  • Excellent oral and written skills, fluency of German is important for this role due to the documentation and design of test procedures for other users

As always, I am fully aware that the perfect candidate is a unicorn (it doesn't exist) so I am not looking for that. However I would be really keen to talk to you if you are perhaps not there yet, but ready to take the next step in your career.

Maybe you have been a tester for a few years but you are ready to take a step forward into a more senior role and become a test manager over the next year or so. If so then I can see you being successful in this role! 

Any questions then give me a call,