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Matthew Smith, Zürich Professionals IT
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Zurich, Zürich
Matthew Smith, Zürich Professionals IT
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Hello all, 

My client is Fintech company with a unique product and they are looking to build up their UX and UI team. They want UX to be the driving of their product development.

They have been established for a number of years, think stable start-up, and this is due to their product being a new way of investment. 

Their plan is to open secure investments up to the masses, making it easy, safe, and accesible for everyone, not just the elite. The main product is released, on market, and doing very well. 

However, other products are yet to come, and they need more focus on the UX and UI for their current product. It's an important part of their proposition as a company, if investments are accessible, they should also be made on a user friendly platform. 

The role: 

  • You'll be the driver behind UX - which is the driver for the product and take the product to the next stage, and the next one, and the next one.
  • Continuous improvement is the aim. Make it as easy and as seemless as possible for the customer to use. Lets not forget fun too. 
  • You'll be working very closely with the UX researchers to acheive this aim
  • As this is essentially a financial services product, you'll also need to take deep data and financial information and translate it into easy to understand graphics

The skills: 

  • Educated in Human Centred Design/Psychology/Human Computer Interaction - or a related topic
  • Experience working with UX and visualising complex data
  • Ability to work with UX researchers and to respect each others domain
  • Preferably experience with UX with financial products
  • German fluency would be an advantage

If you think this could be the role for you then I would be delighted to hear from you. If you have any questions then just give me a call. 

Speak soon,