UX Participant Coordinator in Zurich

Peter Pankaczi, Zürich Professionals IT
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Zurich, Zürich
Peter Pankaczi, Zürich Professionals IT
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Participant Recruiting Coordinator 


As a Research Participant Coordinator, you will work to find the very best 
research participants for User Experience Researcher's wide range of 
research efforts. You'll work closely with members of the UX Research Participant Recruitment team supporting researchers for various products. You'll collaborate with researchers to understand their study objectives, clarify their participant requirements and 
plan the logistics of recruitment support. You'll operate with awareness of our ethical 
obligations to our participant candidates, including informed consent and 
privacy concerns. You're a responsible and organized individual who can keep tabs on many projects, pay close attention to details, and plan well while accommodating the unexpected. 
Using your strong communication skills, you'll effectively contact members of the public to confirm their suitability for studies and schedule their participation in a variety of study formats. 


  • Recruit research participant candidates drawn from enrolls in our public program, customer lists, and employee referrals. 
  • Scrutinize study specifications and planned assessments to ensure quality data is gathered from the right people. 
  • Screen candidates for availability, interest level, and appropriate qualifications using online questionnaire responses and phone interviews. 
  • Coordinate the logistics of user research, including participant scheduling, facility scheduling, and distribution of incentives. 
  • Adhere to ethical codes related to conducting user research 

Minimum qualifications: 

  • High school diploma (B.A. degree in any field preferred) 

Preferred qualifications: 

  • 2-5 years work experience in an applied research setting supporting data collection from human subjects or customer-facing work in the tech industry 
  • Organized, detail oriented and able to work independently on multiple projects at once. 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills. 
  • Excellent assessment and analysis skills. 
  • Demonstrated proficiency with office productivity tools including email, web browser, web apps, database search, spreadsheets/word processors. 
  • Interest in and familiarity with technology products.