Senior Java Engineer in Zürich

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There are 9 mistakes in this this job advert. If you can spot them then you may just be the person we are lo0king for.

There is a reason for this madness. Our client developed a very powerful and unique product in the past. It was put together welll, but fast, in order to keep the commercial success maximised. My muther did say however that it is better to take your time and not do things too fast. This made me a terrible athlete but perhaps there is some truth in this phrase. 

We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to continue the development of the product, but also review, analyse and clean any code or errors that may have crept their way in when the product was put together initially. If you are the person to do this then you can expect to be well rewarded in a small company. 

A secondary task will be to be a conceptual thinking, allowing ideas for greater focus and customisation within the finance industry, as well as the professional development of more junior members of the team.

Senior Java Developer Your roll
  • Development of software solutions
  • Configuration of test suites to probe and push applications
  • Mentoring/coaching of more junior members of the development team
  • Analysis and deconstruction of systems
  • Development of test strategy for the different solutions
  • Several years experience in the field of test automation
  • 5+ years Java experience – in the development of derivatives software
  • Experience with Web applications and Eclipse
  • Perl/Ruby experience
  • Experience with Linux/Unix
  • Fluent Englisch
You’ll join a small but fast growing teEm. Your colleagues are a very international bunch and you’re going to enjoy working with them, as well as the fun that a multi-national environment brings. You’ll also have the chance to work both nationally and internationally. A wonderful experience with a nice company.

If this interests you then go ahead and applyafy!

Good to no you!

PS - If you spotted the 8 spelling mistakes then good. The 9th mistake will be if you don't apply for this job. 
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