Randstad values define our company culture


to know, to serve, to trust, striving for perfection and simultaneous promotion of all interests: these are the core statements of our company philosophy. The company founder, Frits Goldschmeding, built on these values from the beginning and they still govern our thoughts and actions today.

to know

We are experts. We have expertise, experience and empathy. We know our business, our market, our clients and our candidates – because in our business, it’s the details that count the most.

to serve

We are service providers in the literal sense. We serve and help others, and also take care of the little details. We operate a high quality service for everyone, including our clients, candidates and employees, as well as all the interest groups in our environment.

to trust

We are reliable and keep our promises. We trust our business partners and earn their trust in return. People are at the focus of the service processes of Randstad. Personal relationships with employees and clients, based on mutual respect, are the key to our success.

striving for perfection

We are always trying to improve ourselves and to be innovative. We want to impress our clients and our candidates in everything that we do – down to the smallest detail. This helps us gain an advantage over others.

simultaneous promotion of interests

We are convinced that a company is useful to society as a whole and should not only focus on the benefits of individuals. We see the big picture and take our social responsibilities seriously. Day after day.