master vendor

Designed for your flexibility, Randstad Master Vendor coordinates all your HR service providers on location or on a
cross-location basis for companies with more than one site.
Since we handle the organisation and administration, you have just one contact person, reducing your administrative
costs and raising your productivity and flexibility.

How does RMV work?

  • Control of all orders and co-partners for one or more locations
  • Assured optimal resource planning/supply for our partners
  • Cost-savings and raised efficiency due to standardised processes
  • Central coordinator means “one contact per customer”
  • On-location guidance at fixed times during the week or permanently on the premises
  • Time windows created as workload is transferred

What are the benefits for you?

  • Strategic partnership: customer – Randstad
  • Single contact person
  • Transparency
  • Standardised contract structure
  • Cost reduction with raised efficiency/cost saving programme
  • Standardised processes and processing of temporary assignments
  •  Assurance that needs are optimally met
  • Bundling advantages/optimisation advantages
  • Quality optimisation (KPI analyses)
  • Optimal information transfer (communication channel) and development of a standardised MIS
  • Transfer of “Best Practice” – creation of standardised benchmarks
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