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Employer branding is becoming increasingly important. At the beginning of June 2022, the Randstad Employer Brand Research was repeatedly picked up in the media. Unfortunately, some misleading and incorrect statements were made - not only about the current study, but also about employer branding in general. Here is some information for a better understanding.

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what is employer branding?

Employer branding is an increasingly important competitive factor. The employer brand is the image that a company radiates and that shapes the external view of a company for potential employees. Companies with a strong employer brand are perceived as outstanding employers with attractive brand values that offer good career prospects. In this context, employer branding should never be used as a pure marketing tool, but much more to underline and communicate one's own values and special features. At Randstad, we are convinced that employer branding helps to attract highly qualified applicants and promising new employees. In addition, employees can identify more strongly with their companies, which increases loyalty.

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The Randstad Employer Brand Research is now conducted annually in 31 countries. In Switzerland, the representative and independent survey is being conducted for the ninth time. In this independent study, Swiss employees state what is important to them in an employer and which company they would most like to work for. The most important key data on the survey: 

• almost 163.000 respondents
• 5.944 companies surveyed

• 18-64 years old
• representative of gender
• Overrepresentation of 25-44 year olds
• includes students, employees and unemployed 

• 4.143 respondents

field study
• Online survey
• January 2022

The Randstad Employer Brand Research is an independent study in the field of employer branding. Companies cannot apply to participate, they are selected for the study based on their number of employees. The ranking takes into account the 150 largest companies in Switzerland (by number of employees) that are known to more than 10 percent of the population. In addition to the company ranking, the results of the study provide information about the needs of employees and current trends in the market.

2022: Misunderstandings in the media briefly explained

In various reports, the Randstad Employer Brand Research was misinterpreted, and we would like to clarify this: In some cases, it was incorrectly suggested that the results of the study were based on surveys of internal or former employees. However, the Randstad Employer Brand Research does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the attractiveness of an employer, the respective working conditions or the satisfaction of its employees, but rather shows how the employer brand is perceived from the outside. We at Randstad do not have any information that allows us to draw conclusions with regard to employee satisfaction or working conditions, nor has such information otherwise been incorporated into the study.

The same applies to the assumption that the companies placed later in the ranking would offer poor working conditions. The results of the ranking purely reflect the image that a company has among the population. This is the individual perception of the respondents, which does not allow for an objective comparison between different industries.

If you have any further questions about the Randstad Employer Brand Research, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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significance of employer branding.

Employer branding helps companies to attract highly qualified applicants and promising new recruits. It also means that employees can identify more strongly with their company, which increases loyalty.

employer branding case studies.

What is the secret sauce to employer branding? Here you can find a compilation of employer branding case studies from different international companies.

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The 2022 employer study provides a detailed overview and information on the attractiveness of the biggest Swiss employers.

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