your benefits.

You will be able to react faster and more flexibly to future challenges, because you know that your RIS team will be taking over all the personnel administration of your temporary employees for you.

The results are:

  • A staffing level tailored perfectly to your current needs – even with major fluctuations in demand
  • Lower personnel costs, as you pay only for what you need
  • More efficiency and thus more profit

How we support you

We recruit temporary employees and arrange their deployment to match your needs. In addition, we also ensure that the employees you obtain from us will work for the success of your company and, if required, will also be available again at a later date.

We ensure that the employees from your pool have the right work at the right time and at the right place. We reduce staff turnover and increase both the productivity and the quality of the work. Knowledge and experience will be retained, and can even accumulate.

more flexibility.

The cleverness that we employ in order to optimise your temporary staff creates competitive advantages for you. Because we not only plan for the moment, but also for the future. In this way, you always receive the best availability of labour, regardless of whether you’re dealing with a temporary production peak or a strategic expansion of your business.

Our dedicated process managers work together with you on-site. They invest a great deal of time in understanding your business and your company. They collect information about your industry and the conditions, and more specifically about the structures and processes in your company. In addition to the recruitment, selection and induction of employees, they also cover job profiles, volumes, seasonal trends, fluctuations and absences, overtime and salary accounting.

We make a motivated and efficient Account Team available exclusively to you. It takes some of the pressure off you and creates the necessary capacity to enable you to fully concentrate on your core business.