our services.

our services
Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS) can save you money and make your life easier if:

  • You manage a large production facility, a call centre or a logistics operation
  • You regularly need between 50 and 400 flexible employees
  • The number of requiredemployees is subject to strong seasonal fluctuations
  • It’s important to have the right employees available at the right time and at a fair price

what you can expect.

Randstad Inhouse Services will operate a full-time office within your company manned by proven HR pecialists.

These RIS specialists will:

  • Recruit, select and train flexible staff, who work exclusively for you
  • Create employee pools so that you have as many people available as you need, when you need them
  • Manage service plans, timesheets, payrolls, taxes, fees and contractual agreements
  • Draw up detailed performance records

what you did not expect.

Our RIS specialists are also experts in process improvement. This will help to lower costs and increase productivity.

The RIS specialists will:

  • Analyse your personnel situation and processes in detail
  • Recommend and implement measures to reduce costs
  • Continually monitor results and improve processes
  • Optimise staffing structures as your company grows

your benefits.

The advantages of working with Randstad Inhouse Services can be measured by the demonstrable benefits in processes, costs and quality.


  • Higher employee loyalty and thus lower staff turnover
  • A compliance rate of nearly 100% (demand can be covered to almost 100%)
  • Less overstaffing thanks to more efficient planning and deployment of employees
  • Measurable savings resulting from improved shift plans and standardised job descriptions and salary tables
  • Breakdown of client outlay in the recruitment and management of a large number of employees