how the inhouse pool works.

The pool, intelligently managed by your RIS team, works in the same way as a reservoir. It compensates perfectly for any over or under-capacity. You have exactly the right number of motivated and well-trained employees available to you at all times, reducing unnecessary personnel costs and lowering the fluctuation rate. The results are higher efficiency and, ultimately, more success.

the steps.

1. The inventory

In a first phase, our RIS specialists analyse the three most important aspects of the pool management:

  • Qualitative requirements (function and workplace analysis)
  • Quantitative framework (analysis of the labour supply)
  • Opportunities and risks of the local labour market (market analysis)

2. Definition of the ideal pool

The findings of the detailed analysis lead to the design of the best pool for your company. This consists of three priority levels:

  • Critical jobs (continuity is the key, so frequent changes are to be avoided at all costs)
  • Residual supply of labour (a sufficient number of temporary employees must be available who want to work part-time, but who are flexible in regard to hours)
  • Bottlenecks (in order to be able to deal with extreme peaks and troughs, we draw up individual solutions that take account of the relevant labour and market situation)

3. Fine tuning and implementation

Once the pool has been defined, many individual factors have to be considered in detail:

  • In addition to the average absences through illness or holidays, accumulations of absences at specific times (e.g. school holidays) also have to be taken into account
  • Fluctuations of the work volume over weekdays must also be taken into account
  • And last but not least, the right employees must be deployed at the appropriate workplaces – and this means taking account of qualifications and experience in the planning

Continuity in personnel planning is an important factor for the success of any company – and in particular where there is a high proportion of temporary employees. Ensuring this continuity is one of our central tasks, which we would be pleased to take over for you.

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