What could be better than to have flexible employees who are as qualified and motivated as your permanent employees? The temporary employees hired, trained and supported by your RIS team will be an important factor in the success of your company. 

Randstad achieves this by working with your management and steering, monitoring and improving all the concerns of the temporary employees on-site at your company. 

Cost savings and efficiency

We recruit a pool of suitable temporary employees, so that enough qualified, motivated and loyal workers are available to you at all times. We also provide detailed reports on, for example, numbers of employees, cost savings and increases in efficiency. 

Our close contact with the temporary employees ensures that they are satisfied and are always working completely in the service of your company. This reduces the turnover rate and the need to continually recruit new employees for the pool. In this way, knowledge, skills and experience are retained, which increases quality, productivity and, ultimately, the success of your company.