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Frédéric Dinot, Commercial Manager

Over the past decade, Randstad has grown exponentially and now ranks among Switzerland’s top market players. The Randstad Inhouse Services concept is a new and innovative way to manage temporary employment. In his position as Commercial Manager, Frédéric Dinot has played a key role in implementing this unique solution, and has contributed greatly to its development in western Switzerland.

In addition to the acquisition of major accounts, he is responsible for ensuring that corporate clients’ defined objectives are met. One of Dinot’s daily mandates is to find tailored solutions that enable a continuous improvement of service levels – proactively listening to employment and market needs is, therefore, a constant challenge. And since such a demanding task can be done only with the support of an exceptional team, he dedicates much time and energy to coaching and developing his employees.

Grażyna Scheiwiller, Commercial Manager

Grazyna is an accomplished and experienced sales and HR professional. She has many years experience in the HR solutions and staffing business. She worked more than 10 years for a leading global HR provider in senior sales and management positions being responsible for the development and management of the “inhouse solutions” business in all Eastern Europe.

Her global background helps her to understand the global challenges and needs of larger companies. In her current role as a Commercial Manager at Randstad she is responsible to build up lasting business relationships with customers and to manage all inhouse services for them.

Nandor Toth, Commercial Manager

In his role as commercial manager, Nandor Toth is responsible for the strategic, commercial and personnel management of several RIS offices. His primary responsibilities are acquiring and supporting key accounts. More specifically, he is responsible for process optimisation in the client companies and for attaining targeted cost reductions. Nandor Toth supports clients with excellent work and thus helps them to reach their business aims. To achieve this, he conducts in-depth analysis (business scans) in the company. He discusses the results of the analysis with those responsible, offers suggestions for process optimisation and coordinates the implementation of agreed HR measures. His personal goals are perfectly aligned with those of Randstad. With his high quality standards, he contributes to the expansion of Randstad’s position as the market leader in the area of Inhouse Services.

Nandor Toth started his career with a business apprenticeship. In 2007, he began working at Randstad as a consultant. He later specialised on Inhouse Services to become an account specialist and a process manager in a further step. Today as commercial manager, he is responsible for several RIS teams.

Anita Reller, Commercial Manager

Since the beginning of 2013, Anita Reller has been working as Commercial Manager Inhouse Services. In this function, she is responsible for acquiring new clients as well as managing a key account – an international pharmaceutical company. In tackling this challenging task, she is in an ideal position to draw on her many years of experience as a process manager at Randstad Inhouse, in particular in the areas of process analysis and evaluations for major clients, implementation of the RIS concept, and calculating potential cost savings.

Anita Reller is convinced that the Inhouse concept represents the best possible solution for companies requiring a high number of flexible employees. We create added value by working directly on-site with the client, thus enabling us to fully identify with the client's company. The result: optimum alignment with the client's needs, the optimisation of processes, an increase in productivity, and cost savings.

Alongside her role as Commercial Manager, Anita Reller also holds the function of Local Integrity Officer. This makes her the point of contact for internal and external temporary employees when it comes to reporting misconduct. As a long-standing member of the company (since 2006), and with her fluency in three languages (German, French, English), she is ideally qualified to take on this responsible task.

Vanessa Scotton, Process Manager

Vanessa joined the company in 2009 as Account Assistant and grew up to the position of Account specialist and finally to Process Manager.

Thanks to these different positions, Vanessa was able to acquire a 360° vision of our clients’ needs. This allows her to bring a functional, global and complete expertise.

Furthermore, her continuous training in human resources and especially her Swiss Brevet Federal in Social Insurances enable her to understand all legal aspect and provide strong recommendation to our client regarding the management of their temps employees.

Mathias Nicod, Process Manager

Graduate form Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Mathias has a high sens of service and excellence and is used to deal with tensed planning while delivering high quality. His experience in Recruitment with the high demanding profiles of the watchmaking industry reinforced his capabilities source candidates in a strong labour market.

Mathias worked in recruitment agencies for Randstad Staffing and consolidates his knowledge of the temporary industry within Randstad Inhouse Services.

Six sigma green belt certified, Mathias taylor made solutions for various clients from FMCG factories, headquarter to Pharma companies. he applies efficient lean methodology to create responsive pool of candidate to cover demanding planning. Moreover, he is dedicated to continuously improve the temporary employee workforce organisation and efficiency in partnership with our clients.

Thomas Kunz, Process Manager

Thanks to his long-term affiliation with Randstad in the Staffing & Inhouse Services business lines, Thomas Kunz possesses valuable, in-depth knowledge of how to identify our clients' needs. One of his strengths is the ability to think about the bigger picture, enabling him to develop and rapidly integrate outstanding services and practical processes tailored to the client. By focusing heavily on our client' requirements, Thomas Kunz is able to create synergies and save costs. His affinity with innovative technology makes a crucial contribution to modernising our working methods and reorganising our workplace.