More efficient recruitment with video interviews

Randstad is always looking for candidates that perfectly match your needs and for innovative ways to enhance customer service.

Video interviews provide a more comprehensive picture of potential employees. This means you can ask to personally meet just the job applicants who have impressed you most in the video interviews.


Randstad, Working for You

Your Randstad Consultant will show you how video interviews work. Then you decide how involved you want to be in the recruitment process.

Would you like job applicants to answer one or two questions specifically targeted to your vacancy? We'll include your questions seamlessly into the video interview.

Then we'll find suitable candidates for you to get to know personally.

Evaluation process

We've found candidates that match your recruitment needs - what next? 

  • Your Randstad consultant can send you interview sequences or the entire video via a link to the video suite. You decide what you'd like to see. 

  • See and hear the applicant videos at any time, no matter where you are.

  • With video interviews, get first impressions of candidates quickly and effciently.

From video to face-to-face interview

Thanks to video interviews, you'll get a more rounded picture of the job applicants, so you can select who to meet in person. Just let us know who you'd like to invite to a face-to-face interview - we'll take care of the rest.  

Rapid, simple and efficient. With video interviews quickly get personal impressions to help you make your selection process more targetted and shorter. 

See for yourself - contact our Consultants and give video interviews a go!

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