safely back to work in the new normal.

The HR services industry has formed an alliance spearheaded by Randstad NV, the Adecco Group and ManpowerGroup to enable companies and workers to return to work safely when the time is right.

work from home starting today.

Companies have come to recognise that working from home is indeed feasible and can deliver positive results. But can companies have employees work from home without losing their corporate culture in the process?

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Returning to the workplace and reshaping a new future of work is key to ensuring the health and wellbeing of workers and a strong economic recovery. The “Safely Back to Work” Alliance initiated by Randstad, The Adecco Group and ManpowerGroup in March 2020 has successfully expanded its reach and network of participating partners and is now being led by our global industry association, the World Employment Confederation (WEC). As leader of this Alliance, WEC will continue to engage country federations, and private sector members, working closely with their local authorities and other relevant stakeholders, to support a safe return to work for workers and organizations globally, reinforcing the critical role of the private employment services sector in driving healthy resilient labor markets and economic recovery for countries, organizations and individuals alike in a post-Covid 19 environment. For more information or to join the growing Alliance, visit for more information.


market insights switzerland.

What are the most important organizational challenges facing Swiss companies during the coronavirus situation and when do they expect to return to business as usual? Randstad addressed these questions in a survey of around 450 HR managers.

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best practices.

As a global leader in the HR services industry we have collected many insights and learnings about the Covid-19 situation from companies all over the world and different sectors. We have created a summary of the best practices for a safe working environment, so that you can keep your employees protected.

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5 tips for virtual recruiting.

We have compiled a list of 5 tips that show you how you can improve efficiency by integrating tech tools into your HR processes.

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plan your restart now.

Are you ready to get your company and your employees back on the path to success? Entering this new normality should be a success and should be safe for you and your employees. Individual, flexible and precise planning is crucial here. We would be happy to support you in an individual consultation with our experience and industry knowledge.

safety checklist.

The new reality of covid-19 requires us to find #newways to return back to business. Physical distancing, extra hygiene measures, regular testing and other solutions will be crucial for the foreseeable future. To optimize people’s safety as they return to work, clear guidelines, processes and protocols must be in place to support both employees and employers. We worked with other leading HR service companies and health experts to help you get started. Use the checklist via the button to see if you’ve addressed the most critical safety guidelines for reopening your business.

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a practical guide for a safe restart.

Through its latest research, the Alliance has developed a fact base and source of best practices which it seeks to share freely as a public good. The goal is for organizations of all types and sizes to use this research to identify and apply the practices that will get them up and running in a safe, healthy and productive way.

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best practice protocols.

Best Practice Health and Safety Protocols contains more than 100 measures. These measures can help to complement country and sector specific protocols. Industry bodies, unions, employers, governments, healthcare authorities and others can help shaping these protocols.

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alliance presentation.

The COVID-19 health crisis and continued lockdown in many markets is posing unparalleled challenges to people and economies around the world. To limit the economic downturn and impact on people’s ability to earn a living, the labor market and all its stakeholders must quickly adjust to a new reality.

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