After some challenging years in the job market, the hiring frenzy is finally starting to slow down. This doesn’t mean employers can take a sigh of relief. The skills gap continues to grow, and the competition to obtain top talent remains high.

To tackle this issue, organizations must find new ways to secure the skilled talent they need. One way they're doing this is by focusing on improving their employee experience. This is not always an easy task — especially when managing a diverse workforce with different goals, objectives and expectations. 

Fortunately, working with a specialized talent company like Randstad can ease this process. In this article, we will highlight some ways in which Randstad can help you create a positive employee experience that can enhance hiring outcomes and retention rates.


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building an effective recruitment process

Creating a positive employee experience starts even before you make a job offer. It starts with the first interaction with the job seeker. An effective recruitment process can help build loyalty with new hires and boost retention. An inefficient recruitment process can have the opposite effect.

For example, most candidates perceive a lengthy and cumbersome application process negatively. Studies show 60% of job seekers may not even finish the application because it’s too long. A talent company can help you avoid this issue by streamlining your recruitment process. When partnering with Randstad you get access to:

  • a vast talent network We maintain an extensive network of pre-vetted skilled workers seeking new job opportunities. You can search this network using various parameters, including skills, qualifications and experiences.
  • experienced consultants You can also work directly with one of our consultants to assist you with the recruitment process. Our consultants have local expertise to understand the talent demands in your market better.
  • access to HR tech When you partner with Randstad, our tech tools can help your organization stay ahead of the competition and secure the talent it needs.  For instance, Randstad Relevate offers a suite of tools that can improve the way your organization acquires and manages talent:
Smiling hotel receptionist helping a guest.
Smiling hotel receptionist helping a guest.

robust talent matching

Studies estimate that the real cost of a bad hire can range as high as 21% of the position’s annual salary. This percentage factors in recruitment costs for filling the position. It also includes other expenses, such as lost production time and training costs. At a time when organizations are working hard to do more with less, even a few bad hires can wreak havoc on the company budget.

This factor makes hiring for ‘job fit’ paramount. Hiring the right candidates for the right roles is equally important to employees as it is to employers. Our latest research shows that more than half of workers around the globe would quit their job if they didn’t feel a sense of belonging at work.

At Randstad, we believe in finding the perfect match for your business by taking a ‘true fit’ approach.  This involves delving deeper than just the candidate's CV to understand their motivations and career aspirations. We pay attention to three crucial dimensions - job fit, company fit, and boss fit - to ensure that the candidate not only meets your requirements but also fits well with your team and company culture.  Our goal is to not only meet your needs but to also ensure that your chosen candidate remains with the company.


elevate your employee experience by partnering with Randstad. Contact us to explore the benefits of working together.

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seamless onboarding process

One of the most important stages of the employee experience is onboarding. This is the first connection the candidate has with the employer as a new hire. A positive onboarding process can leave a lasting impression on a new hire, but a poor experience can have negative effects.

A positive employee experience also means higher retention rates. One study shows that employees who received details about their job responsibilities early in the job were 23% more likely to stay with the company. Unfortunately, a recent Gallup poll shows that only 12% of new hires believe they had a good onboarding experience.

Part of this disconnect may be that employers are worn thin. Ongoing challenges, such as the skills gap, inflation concerns and supply chain disruptions, have left organizations with little time to focus on developing new practices.

Fortunately, our team at Randstad can handle the onboarding process for you. First, we have an in-depth understanding of talent expectations. Secondly, we also take the time to recognize the unique needs and concerns of your company. We can work directly with you to create an onboarding process that creates a positive experience for your new hires. Best of all, a partnership with Randstad can give you time to focus on other important aspects of the business.

meaningful workforce insights

Today’s tight labor market and shifts in workers’ expectations make talent insights more important than ever. Knowing what today’s workers want from their employers and understanding emerging trends is crucial. These insights can help you develop a robust hiring strategy and build a strong employer brand.

The right insights can help with everything from developing sourcing techniques that target your ideal candidates to creating a competitive compensation package. Access to these key insights can mean the difference between securing the talent your organization needs. At Randstad, we believe so strongly in the value of talent insights that we produce several reports throughout the year, including:

  • randstad workmonitor. Our Randstad Workmonitor surveys thousands of workers across 34 markets. The results provide a better understanding of what workers want and identify shifts in the labor market.
  • global talent trends report. Our Global Talent Trends report gathers results from C-suite executives and HR leaders. These details offer insights into how employers are sourcing and managing talent. These insights, along with other Randstad Sourceright’s online resources, can help you better understand the needs of today’s talent, emerging trends and market demands.
  • employer brand research. Our employer brand research gives us a better idea of what motivates workers to accept or change jobs.

customized HR solutions

At Randstad, we understand that recruitment is not a one-size-fits-all process. We never use cookie-cutter HR strategies. Instead, we take the time to better understand our clients' needs. The first step in providing services is to meet with you and learn more about how your company operates. We work with you to better understand your company’s unique goals, objectives and challenges. We can also help you determine what sets you apart as an employer.

Our teams also realize that recruitment and workforce management have many different moving parts, including sourcing, onboarding, training and scheduling. We allow you, the client, to determine what specific HR tasks you want our team to handle and what tasks you want to remain in-house.

For example, we can handle the initial sourcing and screening process and then allow your teams to conduct interviews in-house. On the other hand, we can also provide end-to-end HR management solutions. This high level of customization ensures your organization receives the specific services it requires without paying for services you don’t need.

No matter what level of services your company requires, a partnership with Randstad can enhance workforce engagement. In turn, higher engagement can help build a positive work environment for your long-term workers, new hires and prospective candidates. Studies also show that companies with high levels of workplace engagement tend to outperform those with less engaged workers.


industry expertise

With more than 60 years of experience in the recruitment and workforce management industry, we bring with us a high level of talent expertise. Unlike some other recruitment companies, we don’t limit our services to only one industry. Instead, we cover many markets, including manufacturing, finance, health care, construction, legal and marketing, just to name a few.

We also work with clients across the globe, including those in the Americas, Europe and Asia. This global exposure gives us a better understanding of shifts and emerging trends in the job market and economics. Our local office gives us a better perspective of talent trends in various markets and regions. This combination lets us provide the most accurate insights, advice and support available.

Additionally, we offer our clients guidance and ongoing support as they navigate new challenges and shifts in their respective markets. This support allows your organization to quickly adjust its hiring and talent management strategies to meet these new demands and stay ahead of the competition. Ultimately, the better your company can adjust to new labor challenges or shifts in workers’ expectations, the better overall employee experience you can provide.  

Through our customized solutions, our team at Randstad can provide the services and support you need to build a good working environment for your workers. This creates a positive work experience that can entice candidates to accept your job offer and encourage your current employees to stay.

Get in touch with Randstad today to explore how partnering with us can enhance your employees' experience and take your business to new heights.

about the author

Doris Schaad

Commercial Manager

Doris joined Randstad in 1996 and holds the position of Commercial Manager for Randstad Inhouse Services. Previously, she served as National Key Account Manager and District Manager for the Staffing Businessline. Doris is an employer branding expert and appreciates the interaction with customers. In her free time she is active and can be found out and about in nature or at the gym, which provides her with the ideal balance to her often busy workday.

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