Amidst today’s continuing talent scarcity, ongoing skills gap and troubling trends, such as the ‘great resignation’ and ‘quiet quitting,’ many employers are struggling to acquire and retain the talent they need. These factors also come at a time when meeting fluctuating consumer demands is more important than ever.

To overcome these challenges, many organizations are turning to nontraditional workers, such as seasonal and flexible workers, to meet production demands. While effective, this strategy makes maintaining a high-quality workforce extremely difficult.

This is where Randstad can help. We offer customized talent acquisition and workforce management services to help organizations just like yours build a top-quality workforce of traditional and/or non-traditional workers. This blog takes a closer look at the main ways Randstad can help your company build the talent it needs.


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over 60 years of experience

Randstad has been leading the talent acquisition and workforce management industry for over 60 years. During this time, we have helped thousands of clients fill countless roles with high-quality talent. Today, we have offices in over 38 markets spread across five continents. This experience gives us a unique perspective regarding the global labor market and an in-depth understanding of how regional differences impact both employers’ and workers’ expectations.

Through these years, we’ve come to understand the need to adjust and transform our recruitment and workforce management strategies to meet the shifting needs of employers, workers and jobseekers.

As today’s employers face a multitude of challenges, including talent scarcity, skills gaps and the shift to a candidate-driven job market, we are still leading the way with innovative tools, strategies and services to help clients secure and retain the talent they need to remain successful in the years to come.

workforce engagement insights

We understand that organizations don’t simply need open roles filled. Rather, they need these roles filled with candidates who have the right skills, talents and competencies and who are a good ‘job fit’ and ‘boss fit’ for the role. To make this a reality and to provide the hiring outcomes our clients need, we use advanced workers’ insights.

From our regular Workmonitor studies that shed light on workers’ expectations and our annual salary insights from around the world to our Randstad brand research that provides insights into what motivates workers to change jobs, we make gathering and analyzing worker insights a top priority. This data allows us to develop innovative recruitment strategies for attracting, engaging and hiring your ideal candidates.

Best of all, we offer these insights to employers across the globe so they can better understand today’s candidates, along with their motivators, behaviors and expectations. This data allows organizations to build workplace environments and policies that resonate with its workers.

innovative employee engagement tools and technology

At Randstad, we use cutting-edge technology to source, onboard and manage talent. This innovative technology allows us to streamline the recruitment process to provide consistent and effective results. From finding and engaging talent that matches your set criteria to foreseeing shifts in the labor market to enable your company to make competitive job offers, our technology improves hiring outcomes for our clients as well as the recruitment journey for jobseekers. This combination leads to higher retention rates and improved job satisfaction.

While our technology collects and stores valuable talent data, our talent analytics transforms this data into valuable talent insights. These insights bring clarity and knowledge into the hiring and workforce management process as we better understand our client's specific needs and our jobseekers’ behaviors, motivators and expectations.

We use this information to search our vast database of pre-vetted candidates to build a high-quality talent pool for our clients. This helps to speed up the hiring process and to ensure you can find the talent you need when you need it.

In those rare cases when we can’t find a suitable candidate in our vast talent pool, we’ll create a robust recruitment strategy using our years of experience, talent insights and technology to source and engage qualified candidates. We can then nurture the candidate through the hiring journey to secure a job offer acceptance.

Smiling man and woman in an office
Smiling man and woman in an office

employee engagement requires a human touch

The one factor that differentiates Randstad from other recruitment companies is the human touch. We understand that recruitment means more than just filling open job roles with qualified candidates. We know that creating a recruitment process that delivers improved hiring results, including increased retention, requires placing the right candidates in the right roles. It requires hiring for both job and boss fit.

While candidate insights and innovative technology can provide us the tools we need to better understand candidates and to better source qualified applicants, it’s only when this combines with human touch that accurate placements take place.

This step requires our teams to first take the time to fully understand our client’s needs, including what skillsets they need both now and in the future, whether they need traditional or flexible workers or a combination of both, and other company-specific requirements they may have. This information allows us to know exactly what type of candidates the client wants and to develop customized profiles. We also take a closer look at the company culture, so we can accurately hire for job and boss fit.

The second part requires us to fully engage with the candidates that work through Randstad. We also take the time to understand the candidates’ career goals, strengths, interests and concerns. Through conversations, feedback and interviews, we continuously gather insights pertaining to the talent we serve.The more we understand the candidates we work with, the better able we are to place them in positions that they will remain in. This factor, in turn, can help your organization improve both employee satisfaction and retention rates.

customer delight builds engagement in the workplace

In an effort to enhance our commitment to the power of tech and touch’, we emphasize our Customer Delight approach. In short, Customer Delight involves a shift in mindset from a data-driven recruitment process that focuses primarily on results to a process that, while still prioritizing results, puts the person first. This scientific approach identifies the emotional, transactional and latent drivers of both our talent and our clients, which provides us with invaluable insights. 

We realized that data, while important, doesn’t show the whole picture. For example, we can fill thousands of roles with qualified candidates that match the client’s specific requirements, but are we sure we’re putting the best candidates in the best positions? Are we making matches that are in the best interest of both the employer and the candidate?

While we certainly hope we are, our Customer Delight program is designed to ensure that these ideal matches are a part of who Randstad is. Customer Delight allows us to have conversations with both candidates and employers to better understand their needs, expectations and goals.

For the candidates, we want to know who they are, what their interests are, what their needs are, what expectations they have in the workplace and what their future dreams and career goals are. For the employers, we want to know what your needs are, what your culture is like and the future goals of the company.

Taking the time to better understand the needs of our clients on both sides of the recruitment process can improve hiring outcomes, increase retention and enhance employee engagement right from the start.


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customer delight and flex workers

While employers have always considered workplace engagement important, they have primarily focused on engagement with permanent, full-time workers. Today, the increased demand for nontraditional workers, including flexible and contingent workers, has created a new current trend in employee engagement. More employers are now focusing on developing strategies to increase employee engagement with the entire workforce, including flex workers.

The reality is that many employers today must depend on flexible workers to meet fluctuating production demands. They want them to remain with the company, but they know that without tracking and measuring employee engagement the ability to retain these flex workers can be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, our Customer Delight program can help with this process because it encompasses all our candidates, including those seeking both traditional and nontraditional positions. Our high level of engagement with our talent pool offers benefits to both employers and candidates.

For example, let’s say a flexible worker has been working for your company for several months and is doing a good job. Through conversations with this worker, we come to learn that the worker enjoys their role and working for the company. They would love to seek a permanent position with the company.

With this information, our teams can compare the worker’s experience and skill sets with the employer’s open positions to determine if we can find a match. We can then go to the employer with this information and determine their interest in hiring the worker for a permanent position.

If an employer comes to us after identifying a flexible worker as a good candidate for a permanent position, we can handle the process in reverse. We can engage with the worker to determine if taking a permanent position meets their current needs and future career goals.

These connections simply can’t be done with technology and insights alone. It requires a human touch.

benefits of customer delight

We implemented our Customer Delight program in Belgium in 2017 as a pilot program. After seeing significant success, we started to expand this program in 2019. Today, we use Customer Delight in 23 countries.

One of the most important things we realized is that we were able to see real results in just a matter of months because it allows us to identify the true latent drivers of satisfaction of our clients and talent. We could improve employee happiness, job satisfaction and engagement in just a few months. As we know, these factors can help increase retention, productivity and profitability while reducing absenteeism, turnover and labor costs.

Most importantly, by using Customer Delight to identify the main drivers that impact satisfaction early in the recruitment process, workers are fully engaged from day one. This can improve employer-to-employee relations, even with nontraditional workers.

customizable services

Our teams at Randstad offer a wide range of recruitment and workforce management solutions to meet the talent needs of our diverse set of clients. From talent sourcing and onboarding to employee training and shift scheduling, we offer end-to-end solutions to meet every employer’s needs.

However, we realize that no two organizations are the same. Rather, each employer has its own specific talent demands, its own unique culture and its own candidate criterion. For these reasons, we offer fully customizable services. As an employer, you determine exactly what services you want our teams to handle and what services you want to keep in-house.

This means that your company will only pay for the specific services it needs and not for the ones it doesn’t. If you want our teams to handle the entire recruitment and workforce management process, we can do that. If you only want us to source qualified candidates and leave the actual hiring process to you, we can do that too.

Our teams at Randstad have the skills, experience, insights and technology to connect your company with candidates that match your set criteria. It’s our human-centric approach, however, that sets us apart. Our Customer Delight program gives us the ability to better understand the employer’s talent needs and the candidate’s career goals, interests and needs. This factor allows us to provide better matches for employers and jobseekers.

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Every year Randstad conducts a global research on employee branding, also known as the Randstad Employer Branding Report (REBR). In this ever changing world building a brand employees and talents enjoy to work with becomes more and more important. Download the report and to learn more about the latest trends in employer branding.

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