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Randstad Employer Brand Research: This is what Swiss employees want

This year's Randstad Employer Brand Research focusses on the digitisation of work. Employees were asked about the automation of their work and whether they were prepared to change industries in future. The Swiss edition of the study looked in depth at which factors play a role in creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

What an attractive employer must provide

A "pleasant working environment" (57 %) and "salary and benefits" (57 %) are the key requirements for an ideal employer. These are followed by the attributes "job security" (51 %), "work-life balance" (46 %) and "flexibility" (42 %).

A pleasant working environment - now what?

A pleasant working environment was mentioned as an important factor for a perfect employer. But what exactly does that mean? What do companies have to do to ensure that a working environment is considered pleasant? 54 % of participants in the survey want to be able to apply their skills and abilities to their work. "I am appreciated for the work I do", was mentioned by 52 %. Interpersonal relationships are also important, as for 51 % of Swiss respondents, a pleasant working environment means getting on well with work colleagues.

Swiss respondents are prepared to retrain

The automation of work is an unstoppable force. How do Swiss employees react to this fact?  In total, one third of all participants in the study are confident that automation will improve their present work. Almost half, namely 48 %, are even prepared to consider retraining. However, they would only retrain if their salary would at least remain at the same level. Only 15 % of Swiss employees are worried about losing their jobs as a result of automation.


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About Randstad Employer Brand Research

Randstad Employer Brand Research is a representative and independent study on "employer branding" and is conducted by a market research institute on behalf of Randstad. The study is carried out in 26 countries in which Randstad is present. The sample covers participants aged 18 to 65. The sample size in Switzerland is 7,537 people.