Randstad Satisfaction Index Q1/2016:
The Swiss are among the most satisfied employees in the world

More than 3/4 of Swiss employees are satisfied with their job and their employer. These are the findings of the job satisfaction survey conducted by Randstad.

The job satisfaction survey revealed that over 78% of Swiss employees are satisfied or even very satisfied with their employer and their job. "The main things employees look for in their job are prospects, a pleasant working environment, a fair wage as well as good welfare benefits and job security," says Nathalie Zihlmann, HR Director of Randstad (Switzerland) AG. "Employers who are able to offer their employees this tend to have more satisfied employees, resulting in a lower rate of staff turnover."

This result puts Switzerland in 6th place worldwide for job satisfaction, alongside the USA, Spain and the Netherlands. According to the Randstad survey, the most satisfied employees work in India (84%), Mexico (83%), Austria (81%), Norway (81%) and Denmark (81%). The least satisfied employees are in China (57%), Japan (49%) and Hong Kong (46%).

In a European comparison, this result places Switzerland behind Austria but in front of Germany and Italy.

The survey also revealed that only 9% of Swiss people surveyed are actively looking for a job. A further 19% would be interested in a new professional challenge but are not (yet) actively applying for other jobs. It also emerged from the survey that it is mainly younger employees aged between 18 and 24 who have a greater need for a change of job. This could mainly be due to the fact that many employees, on completing their studies, look for a new employer. A further 27% of those surveyed aged between 18 and 24 even stated that they would be in favor of a complete change of career.

Only 4% of Swiss employees surveyed are worried about losing their job in the next 6 months. This places Switzerland among the best results in this respect. The fear of job loss is greatest in India (27%), China (13%) and Malaysia (12%).