Tech & Touch - Technology with a Human Touch

2015 was an exciting year. As well as being a successful financial year, with sales hitting an all-time record, Randstad also celebrated its 55th anniversary.  The increasing use of technology with a growing focus on human touch continues to be a hot topic. These studies into "human technologies" and the results of the 2015 financial year have been published in the Annual Report 2015.

2015 in brief

In addition to the increasing use of technology, Randstad achieved a great deal in 2015. Not only did Randstad record its highest-ever revenue of EUR 19.2 billion, translating into a net profit of EUR 608.3 million, but the company also celebrated its 55th anniversary on September 26 and was accepted into “The Dow Jones Sustainability Index”, thanks to its efforts to lead a sustainable business. Randstad's sustainability is characterized by the fact it provides employment for over half a million people each and every day.

The Randstad Innovation Fund - Tech & Touch

Growing use of technology has an ever greater impact on the way we live and work. This raises questions as to how we will interact with people in real life, personal and face-to-face situations in future. Randstad uses the Randstad Innovation Fund to find out what is available in terms of HR technological solutions and what impact this technology has on the way we work. However, technological developments are not just about simply investing in solutions and tools. The thing that all these innovations have in common is the human touch that Randstad brings to the table. With Tech&Touch, or technology with a human touch, Randstad is able to stand out from its competitors in the market.

You can find out more about our 2015 financial year, Randstad's sustainability and the Randstad Innovation Fund by downloading our Annual Report 2015.