Press ReleaseRandstad Workmonitor Q2/2017

What the Swiss would be willing to do to prevent their own unemployment

The unemployment rate in Switzerland is very low, compared to that in other European countries. Nevertheless, there are cases of unemployment in Switzerland too. What would the Swiss be prepared to do to keep their jobs?

This quarter's Randstad Workmonitor addressed the question of what employees would be willing to do to prevent their own unemployment. Retraining was rated very highly. 88% of all those interviewed said that they would be prepared to be retrained in order to prevent impending unemployment. Temporary work was another option given to avoid becoming unemployed. 81% of the survey participants said they would accept a temporary position.

Change in salary or role not taken into consideration

Accepting a lower salary or demotion in order to keep their jobs would be absolutely out of the question for employees. Only 37% of those interviewed would accept this alternative. This puts Switzerland below the global average of 42%.

The Swiss do not fear a labor shortage

When asked whether the labor supply for certain positions could be lacking in the near future, only 59% of Swiss people said they think it is a possibility. Together with New Zealand and Australia, this value gives Switzerland the lowest expectation globally.

Randstad Mobility Index

The Randstad Mobility Index states how many employees expect to start a new, similar job within the next six months. The index provides comprehensive findings about the moods and trends on the labor market. In Switzerland, the index fell in the second quarter of 2017 from 103 to 101 points (-2).