Press Release

Randstad Workmonitor Q3/2017

Training increases competitiveness

The finding that regular training improves employment opportunities is not exactly groundbreaking. What is exciting, however, is the question of whether training enables employees to fulfill their potential.

The results of the most recent Randstad Workmonitor reveal that only 63% of Swiss employees believe that they are in a position to reach their full potential in their current job. This is the lowest figure recorded across Europe and means Switzerland is significantly below the global average (74%). Young women aged 25 to 34 feel especially underutilized at work, with just 49% believing that they are fulfilling their potential.

Everyone is responsible for their own employability

94% of Swiss people agree that individual employees should take responsibility for keeping their professional knowledge and skills up to date. This score places Switzerland at the top of the European ranking alongside Italy, Norway and Austria.

The Swiss delve into their own pockets to fund training

Just over three quarters (76%) of the respondents feel that they need to undergo more training to keep abreast of latest developments. At 77%, the overwhelming majority of Swiss employees are even willing to pay for this training themselves. This result places Switzerland in second place behind Greece out of all the European coun

tries surveyed. Globally, an average of 67% are prepared to fund their own training.

Randstad Mobility Index

The Randstad Mobility Index states how many employees expect to start a new, similar job within the next six months. The index provides findings about the moods and trends on the labor market. In Switzerland, the index rose in the third quarter of 2017 from 101 to 104 points (+3).