Working with an HR partner can help your company improve hiring outcomes, enhance employee engagement and boost overall retention rates. It’s important, however, to realize that not all HR firms are the same. To help your company learn more about our Randstad Inhouse Services and what helps our team stand out from the competition, we have compiled a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions about our inhouse services.

what do onsite or Randstad in-house services mean?

Our Randstad Inhouse Services, which are ideal for employers with larger workforces (50+ flex workers), uses a VOP (Vendor on Premise) model. This means that when you partner with Randstad, you will have access to a dedicated consultant who works right at your location, either in the office or on the factory floor. Our onsite consultants are not only a phone call away. Instead, they are literally right onsite to provide direct services.

That’s right, our in-house services include a dedicated, onsite consultant day-in and day-out. Our consultants can assist with a variety of day-to-day tasks including workforce communication, onboarding, training, and shift scheduling. Most importantly your dedicated consultant will be immediately available to assist with any issues, such as filling shifts due to unexpected absences.

We understand that each company has different needs, goals, and objectives when it comes to recruitment and workforce management. Our model allows your company to pick and choose which tasks and duties you want our team to handle and which roles you prefer to keep doing by yourself.

No matter what types of services your company needs, our end-to-end solutions can help your company improve HR outcomes and save money.

what positions do we staff for in manufacturing?

Randstad has been helping manufacturers fill open positions for decades. This expertise along with our advanced HR technology and innovative recruitment strategies enables our team to hire qualified candidates at all levels within the company.

Here’s a glance at just some of the jobs we are currently helping manufacturers fill around the world.

general laborers

  • pickers/packers
  • loaders
  • assembly line workers
  • stockers
  • material handlers

skilled workers

  • certified forklift drivers
  • machine mechanics
  • welders
  • CAD designers
  • electricians
  • office managers

professional roles

  • plant managers
  • compliance specialists
  • IT technicians
  • manufacturing engineers
  • cost estimators
  • manufacturing managers

This is just a small sampling of the many manufacturing roles we fill every year. Please contact Randstad directly for more information about our recruitment solutions and how we can help your company hire for even those hard-to-fill positions.

employee meeting
employee meeting

what makes Randstad in-house services different?

With Randstad Inhouse Services, we don’t simply place a team member onsite. Instead, we provide complete in-house services, meaning that our onsite consultant works side by side with your staff to deal with issues and solve problems as they occur. That’s not all, there a many factors that differentiate our Randstad Inhouse Services from the competition, including:

  • 100% fulfillment of the shifts

We understand the fluctuating production demands employers in the manufacturing industry face. To help our clients meet these demands, we specialize in helping employers find the right talent, at the right time. Our innovative workforce solutions enable manufacturers to scale up its workforce during peak production times as well as scale down this workforce when production demands are lower.

  • Advanced workforce scheduling

Our approach to workforce scheduling offers the flexibility to switch between two different approaches, depending on your need. Randstad Youplan puts you in control and gives you an overview of your resources, helping you maximize the efficiency of your own planning. If, on the other hand, you would rather outsource this to us, you can do that with Weplan, or you can find a combination of these two methods that works well for you. We can even help you plan schedules for staff who weren't hired through Randstad.

  • customized solutions

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that no two companies are the same. This factor is why we only offer customized recruitment and workforce management solutions. Our team will always take the time to fully understand your business as well as its processes, goals, objectives, and hiring challenges. We use this information to create a detailed strategy that is tailored to meet the unique demands of your company.

  • cost savings and continued improvements

At Randstad, our key focus is to help your company save both time and money by implementing cost-saving strategies and improved business processes. Your Inhouse Services team will be supported by Lean Six Sigma specialists who constantly track and analyze your business processes looking for ways to help them improve efficiencies and cut costs. Over time, our Randstad Inhouse Services can help employers experience a cost savings of 2-3% of the total workforce spend.

how do we measure results, and how do you define success?

We measure success on your terms. This means that we align our services to match your company’s goals and objectives. After all, who knows your business better than you do. Unlike some of our competitors who enter an agreement with their own set of objectives, our team at Randstad strives to form a partnership with our clients. We take the time to understand your business processes, identify various pain points and obtain a clear understanding of what success looks like to your company.

Based on this information, we develop recruitment strategies and workforce management solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your company. By providing customized services solutions, we help your company achieve improved hiring outcomes and better HR processes.

We also firmly believe in transparency and frequent reporting. Randstad uses continuous metric-based reporting for the most crucial KPIs, including turnover, fulfillment, and attendance rates. This level of reporting will keep you up to date on the success of our services and how these outcomes align with the company’s overall objectives of our combined recruitment efforts.

employee conversation
employee conversation

how do we find qualified talent?

At Randstad, we take a human forward approach to recruitment, where we combine the power of the latest technology with our human insights to help your company find the talent it needs. We maintain a huge network of highly qualified candidates. Once we’ve taken the time to meet with you and obtain a better understanding of the unique needs of your company, we will search our network to identify potential candidates that might be a good fit for your workplace.

If we are unable to identify a suitable candidate within our database, we use labor market insights in combination with a suite of recruitment tools to determine the best marketing channels to use. Additionally, our Randstad website and our subsidiary, Monster, one of today’s largest job boards, provide highly visible channels to post job openings and to connect with prospective candidates.  

what is the cost of our services?

Since we develop customized service plans based on each client’s unique set of needs, it’s difficult to determine exactly how much our services cost. We do, however, prioritize transparency, even with our pricing. Once you meet with one of our team members to discuss the specific types of services your company requires, we can provide you with a detailed estimate for services.

There are, however, three main factors that affect costs, including:

  1. labor costs - labor costs are determined by the number of contingent workers needed as well as compensation rates
  2. direct services - these costs are based on the specific types of services your company requires, such as recruitment, onboarding, training, and strategic workforce planning. Since these services are 100% customizable, costs will vary from client to client
  3. cost savings - our innovative hiring strategies, advanced HR technology, and comprehensive workforce management solutions have helped companies save money in numerous areas, such as reduced turnover, improved productivity, and fewer overtime hours.

what is our approach to talent engagement and retention?

Our research tells us that enhanced employee engagement drives higher retention rates. This factor is just one of the many reasons we make workforce engagement a top priority. In fact, this is one of the reasons we provide each client with a dedicated onsite consultant.

Our dedicated consultants don’t just sit in the office waiting for employees to come to them. Instead, they are often out on the plant floor engaging with the workforce and answering any questions they may have. Our onsite consultants also maintain a relationship with the workers by providing feedback, conducting employee performance reviews, addressing workplace issues, and providing employee training.

Additionally, our dedicated consultants can handle the entire onboarding process to ensure employee engagement starts from day one on the job.

I already work with other agencies. why should I put all my eggs in one basket?

The phrase “more is better” is not always true when it comes to recruitment. In fact, too many people handling different tasks for the same process can lead to confusion, added costs, and reduced effectiveness.

At Randstad, we offer end-to-end recruitment and workforce management solutions as a means to eliminate this type of confusion and to help our clients streamline these processes and improve efficiencies. We find that using one team to carry out the entire recruitment and/or workforce management processes leads to better results and improved outcomes.

One of the best benefits of working with us is that you only have to communicate with one agency instead of trying to coordinate the efforts of several. When you partner with Randstad, your main contact person will be your consultants, who works day-in and day-out right at your location. These onsite services add an extra layer of convenience and effectiveness that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Additionally, the direct insights our dedicated consultants gain by working onsite, side-by-side with your workers gives Randstad the ability to fill even the most difficult roles and effectively manage challenging workforces, such as long-term temporary workers.

In fact, our Randstad Inhouse team recently helped a global luggage manufacturer build an efficient long-term temporary worker model that was able to reduce turnover, lower overtime and improve fill rates without damaging the company culture.

Learn more about how Randstad made this happen by downloading our case study today.

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