New: Innovative staff evaluation approach

Randstad is taking a new approach to matching suitable employees with the right companies – it is the first Swiss recruitment agency to use video interviews.

This new service is a perfect supplement to the traditional application procedure. Randstad uses targeted video interviews, particularly for vacancies in administration, finance, banking, IT, life sciences, engineering and for senior management positions.

How it works

Candidates film themselves using their laptop. They are asked selected questions, which they then answer on the spur of the moment as they are being filmed. The jobseekers have the freedom to choose when and where they want to conduct the interview as long as it takes place within the stipulated period. This means that the video interview can be recorded at home in the evening, saving the jobseeker travel time and money. Short demo videos provide the candidates with important information about this innovative application process. High levels of security ensure that the applicants' privacy and data protection are always guaranteed.

More efficiency for candidates and companies

These videos provide Randstad with a real-life, and therefore more accurate, picture of the applicants. They shed light on the applicants' communication skills, body language and spontaneity at an early stage of the evaluation process. In addition, video interviews permit a direct comparison of the different applicants, increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process for customers.

Traditional job interview is not replaced

Randstad attaches great importance to finding the perfect match for companies and candidates. Here, personal contact between employers and applicants is key. Video interviews do not replace personal communication with the candidates, they supplement it. The classic face-to-face job interview will continue to take place in the second round of the application process.

More information on Randstad video interviews is available at Video Interviews