here’s how your job interview will go.

If you prepare for your interview as best as you can, you will know what to expect.

1 introduction

- Greeting

- Participants briefly introduce themselves

- The head interviewer will inform you about the interview sequence and length

2 CV

You present yourself and your CV

The interviewer asks questions that relate directly to your CV (reason for change, reason for ending your current work contract, clarification of gaps)

3 motivation


-    show why you want to work for the company

-    explain your interest in the position and reasons for applying

-    talk about which tasks you particularly like and dislike doing in your current job

-    give a reason why you want to leave your current job

-    explain why you’re the best candidate for the advertised job

4 professional skills

The interviewer reviews your professional qualifications


- describe your previous professional experience

- point out how your specific expertise matches the job description

5 personal and social skills

The interviewer…

checks whether you have the necessary skills for the job. They will use situational questions to check your personal, social and methodological skills, such as:


teamwork, ability to work under pressure, innovative drive, customer orientation, creativity, conflict management, etc.

6 presentation of the advertised vacancy

“What do you already know about our company?” Prepare yourself for this question, because it will most definitely be asked. Use the internet to do some research, e.g. by browsing the company’s website.

The interviewer should…

- present the company and the company culture

- present how the company is organized and explain where the position fits in

- present the position in detail, e.g. tasks, teams, challenges, career opportunities, training, etc.

- explain the hard facts, such as salary, notice period and commute to work

7 expected salary

Many candidates are afraid to ask about their salary. If you suggest a figure that’s too high and ask for unrealistic demands, it could cost you the job, but if you don’t ask for enough, you end up under valuing yourself. In general, it’s advisable to look up the industry’s average salary in advance, on websites such as That way you know how much flexibility you have in the interview. In principle, you should ask for a high salary if you’re entitled to it. You can ask for 10-20% more than the current gross annual salary - just remember to be confident and use your professional skills and expertise as reasons to justify why you deserve a higher salary.

8 open questions

An interview should not be an interrogation., but a dialogue. It is extremely important that you ask your interviewer questions to clarify any issues and to show interest, such as:

- Additional questions on the position and the company

- Why the current (or previous) person left the position or whether it is a newly created position

- What the company expects from the candidate

- The values and culture of the company

9 next steps

- Discuss how to proceed and the next steps in the application process

- Exchange contact information on your references

10 conclusion

Thank your interviewer for the opportunity and again emphasize your interest in the position and the company.

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