you’ve convinced us.

We’re impressed with the application documents you submitted – now we proceed to the next step.

Your Randstad consultant will email you an invitation to a video interview. Simply click on the link in the email to log into your personal video interview account. You decide when and where to start the interview process.

We'll guide you through the video interview process, step by step.

your preparation.

Prepare just as if you were going to a face-to-face interview. Take time to read the information on the video interview suite. The automatic equipment check will help you adjust your webcam and sound correctly. Do the test interview once or twice to get a feel for the interview timing.

recording a video interview.

You can record your interview outside office hours at a convenient time. Find somewhere quiet. If it's helpful, have your CV to hand. Bear in mind, that you can record your interview only once. Be yourself, and let your prospective employer get to know you!

the next steps.

Once the interview recording time is up, the interview automatically ends and your recording is submitted to Randstad. The recorded interview can only be played via the interview suite.

After the evaluation process, which your prospective employer might participate in, your Randstad Consultant will discuss the next steps in your application with you.

For you, Randstad makes the process personal, simple and flexible.