our engagement for our clients.

We leverage a client engagement model that is rooted in delivering value at all levels. Combining dedicated account teams and shared resources with proven tools and best practices, our governance framework ensures process consistency, service quality, and accountability across our operations.

governance model.

What distinguishes us as a leader in service quality is our approach to performance excellence. We deploy a unique governance model and relationship structure that integrates our account team within your business environment and culture.

vision and high level strategic prioritization.

Our team sets the program vision and high level strategic prioritization and direction. They define what success looks like for the program and how it is measured - establishing the program’s SLAs and supporting KPIs. These objectives are measurable (via reporting capabilities) and have definitive timelines. This ensures that your program does not get stuck in “tactical” processes, keeps the momentum of the program and facilitates program maturation.

Program goals and policies will be rolled down to each of the regional/local teams to ensure compliance. We have established a governance model for the continuous improvement and sustained value of Emmi's program; see image for details (below).

KPI report and high-quality.

All KPI reports will be generated for both Emmi’s and Randstad’s management and generated on a structural basis.

Randstad is committed to delivering high-quality talent on time and on budget using careful supply chain management techniques, guided by a detailed and customized recruitment plan. Our strategy ensures 100% fulfillment regardless of source, while meeting all KPI and SLA requirements.

As such, we believe that it is highly important to administer a governance model that allows both Randstad and Emmi to continuously measure the effectiveness of our talent strategy contribution to business performance.

To provide the best possible value to Emmi, Randstad believes that performance metrics should focus on quality and productivity, ensuring that Emmi users are provided with professional, effective, and efficient service. In addition to monitoring performance in day-to-day operations, KPI measuring will provide insight into potential areas for continuous improvement and process efficiencies.

dedicated account & delivery team.

Emmi will be supported a dedicated account team, including single points of contact per country and a team of HR services experts. With a consistent approach and the ability for local execution, together we will ensure that Emmi experiences outstanding service in every aspect of your business. Service delivery will be led by Anja Op de Beeck and supported through our national and local account teams. Additionally, Senior Vice President, Yvette Rogier, will provide executive oversight along with other members of our executive team.

Our service delivery model will focus on supporting Emmi's HR needs and challenges across all layers of your organization. Our approach first will be to develop an understanding of Emmi’s current and future business goals, and workforce plan and targets. This insight, when combined with an examination of market and industry trends and their impact on your company, positions Randstad to build a talent strategy that is aligned to your growth and profitability ambitions. This unified approach ensures we are aligned with your talent strategies and hiring needs, and we continually monitor activities and performance metrics so we can quickly adjust course as business requirements change.